Zimmermann Resort 2019

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Today, Zimmermann is established as one of Australia’s top fashion voices, with 36 stores at home, brand-new ones in London’s Mayfair neighborhood, and, as of last weekend, St.-Tropez.

This year designer’s muse was series of ’70s-era photographs of Anjelica Huston hanging out with Jack Nicholson changed her mind. “There were no stylists at the time, so hers was an ‘I’m my own person’ style,” she said.
Every piece in this collection was stunning. Very feminine, flirty and yet crip and to the point. The frills, and the intricate detailing never takes the focal point away from the woman wearing it.

The collection had a lot of lacing, bishop sleeves, culottes, the silhouettes were all relaxed and casual but the designer was able to focus on female shape giving the waist special attention through the strategic design of belts. All the outfits in this collection had a very casual yet feminine vibe, hence I can totally see myself wearing all of them.

I just did a video on youtube about “Top 7 Must Have Items For Summer 2018” in it I mentioned that a retro bikini set is a must this summer. So naturally when I saw the gorgeous Zimmerman bathing suit I immediately fell in love.
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The gorgeous striped white linen suit also took my breath away. So relaxed yet dressy, a very easy outfit for the summer.

Another pieces that stood out to me were the dresses, the gorgeous silk long sleeve white dress with so much detailing managed to be so sophisticated.

I also cannot go without mentioning the snake print silk button blouse that was tucked into bright blue culottes. I loved the belt on the pants it really brought the look together it also visually elongated the legs and made the waist appear smaller.

Splendid collection by Zimmerman!

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