Zac Posen Resort 2019


Refined, feminine, sexy a collection that exuberates female confidence; how can one not fall in love.

For me this collection had every kind of outfit from the walk down the French Riviera , to an office outfit, to romantic sultry date to everyday casual. I feel like the collection had a lot of categories; crepe suiting, clingy compact jersey dresses, high evening tulle- but personally I did not mind this at all. If anything for a busy individual and given that it is a ready to wear collection this categorization really saves time in determining the looks you need.
One of my favourite outfits was the red tight dress that had an Argentinian flare to it with the ruffles at the shoulders and bottom. Zac Posen is a maestro of red-carpet drama so there is no i surprise that he knows his evening wear. Another gorgeous gown was the magnificent dress in ombré silk jacquard, featuring voluptuously draped sleeves and fraying details at the shoulders.

Of course I also have to mention the simple yet elegant outfit of silk white blouse with white polka dotted culottes. A relaxed yet elegant outfit for everyday. As you guys know I am a huge believer of using white to refine any outfit, hence loved this outfit, with the blue polka dots and all.

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