White and yellow — the poshest season tandem

All you have to do is stick to the rule – only accessories should be white as foam

This summer’s two brightest colors — yellow and white — get along quite well. This fashionable tandem, like the sun and clouds, is made by nature itself. Together they create a truly summer mood. The only rule you need to keep in mind is that white should be only bags and shoes. Everything else — dresses, shirts, pants and skirts — rich yellow. From canary to lemon pie color — the whole range is at your service.

When summer ends, this trend can easily be taken with you in the upcoming fall. Tights, silk long sleeve dresses, wool coats — all this should be sunny yellow. And to pair them — belt bags, roomy hobo or concise «buckets» – of white color, of course. If you were looking for the right way to extend the summer — the perfect option is right here! Get inspired!

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