Victor and Rolf runway


WOW ! Unique unadulterated creativity! The theme of the show was flowers. For some random reason I thought of Alice in Wonderland during this show. Truly transformed me into a different space that the designer envisioned.

The theme of flowers could be seen on everything purses, hats and dresses. This was so feminine, but at the same time modern. Beautiful fit, interesting silhouettes, and most importantly gorgeous presentation.

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The outfits had a lot of big statement designs, fishnet textures as well as interesting collars and all made from technical duchesse satin, what craftsmanship!!The fact that only one material was used through out the entire show was a major constraint but the designers worked so skillfully with colours, laser cutting and weaving that unless you were aware of the singularity of material you would not know the difference. They sent a strong message that a material constraint is not an obstacle but a possibility to rethink and reinvent the way it is used.

Thank you so much for the invite @karlaotto .


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