Versace runway


For this show we are transformed into Scotland; a lot of plaid skirts, and Highland check on almost every outfit piece. I got some royal vibes from this collection and a bit of sexy mystery; what is there not to like.

The show started with a lot of vinyl coats thrown over brightly coloured checkered prints. The show continued with a bit more feminine silhouettes sprinkled in, but still sexy. Oh PS looks like vinyl pants are back in style! Short simple black belted dresses as well as more colourful bright coloured patterned dresses. Was cool to see checkered print on things like short hassle dress with a hood; interesting concept.

_ver0809_jpg_1882_north_1382x_black _ver0775_jpg_1686_north_1382x_black _ver0473_jpg_6865_north_1382x_black _ver0139_jpg_881_north_1382x_black
My favourite was a short dark blue checkered dress with a biker jacket, very sexy but at the same time has a masculine vibe! Another favourite was a black suit(those that know me know I am not a huge fan of black), but with the lime green detailing on collar and the purple corset underneath the outfit looked so elegant and cool (I do not think colour blocking can ever go out of style). Of course the prime coloured red and blue dresses also looked gorgeous, especially with the head scarf and the glasses, so 80s love it!

Overal enjoyed the show, I think that Donatella put a lovely spin on royalty wear and made it into a sexy playful collection.


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