Versace Resort 2019

Versace Resort 2019

This year’s collection’s focus is on Versace’s most important symbol the mythological Medusa. The collection  was about independence, taking risks and a bit of seductive edge. Donatella is a leader in today’s conversation about women’s empowerment.

Gorgeous new prints could be seen throughout  the entire collection. The new Tempio motif, Medusa shared the stage with swirls of neoclassical ornaments and hibiscus flowers. The Versace heritage lettering had an extravagant baroque-pop spin. The clashing prints graced gorgeous, very-Versace ensembles; a profusion of patterns was mapped all over on tops, pleated mini skirts, ’80s-inspired draped pencil skirts, leggings, and stilettos. 

The silhouettes had bold shoulders and a cinched waist.  Masculine blazers were tucked into high-waisted pencil skirts, while T-shirts layered under bustier tops were paired with pleated pants showing the waist embellished with chunky zippers. I could not stop myself from thinking “ That is so masterfully done!” 

Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019

There is nothing in this collection that I would not wear. I am ecstatic about the gorgeous tailoring, the silhouettes, the smart use of logos, the sport chic additions, as well as the glorious prime colour pairings like red and black. My favourite were probably the Tempio motif in red and white, because it was a bit surprising for Versace and managed to really freshen up the collection, and set the stage for a new type of customer.

Unsurprisingly my second favourite element in the collection was the sporty vibe that was so chic, and added an air of casual cool to an already amazing collection.

I have nothing further to say about this highly refined collection apart from- I am in awe.

Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019Versace Resort 2019

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