Ulyana Sergeenko presentation


The inspiration for this collection was a tea party specifically the porcelain sets that survived the 1917 Revolution and the Soviet era. Ulyanas drive and creativity is a force to be reckoned with.

When I walked into the Hôtel d’Evreux, mounds of sweets and flowers could be seen everywhere. Mismatched tea sets from the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory could be seen on the tables. This time around the designer opted for lack of runway show in order to provide the guests with a private aura of a tea party.
IMG_5522 IMG_5507 IMG_5500 IMG_5491 IMG_5489 IMG_5480

Motif of porcelain was apparent, white and black dominated as base colors. Flora crawled across removable sleeves, along the trellis of dresses, as well as could be seen in the folds of a skirt. I was so impressed how the designer evoked porcelain the the sculptural volumes of the details: Tulip skirts , bell sleeves , puffed sleeves, beautiful pastel colours and silk fabrics. Of course one cannot forget the gorgeous embroidery..femininity at its finest! My favourite look was a swishing white dress with delicate broderie anglaise edging that nodded to chic napkins.

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