Top Bag Styles For Fall 2018

The bag obsessed enthusiasts know that Fall is usually the time when its time to put away the straw and unstructured bags away and opt for statement structured pieces. Fall 2018 is no different, but this year if you want to opt for colours reminiscent of those fun summer afternoons you are absolutely welcome to. This year smaller more petite bags are in, interesting shapes like triangles and bucket bags are back in any fashionista’s closets.

1. Cesta Collective’s fun checkerboard piece comes in the silhouette of a cheerful lunch pail what a great way to transition into fall, but with a summer reminiscent bag.


2. Lantern style bags are super in be in Mlouye lantern bag in burgundy is super reminiscent of fall and comes with a manageable price tag of $385


3. Top trend this fall/winter is the leopard and zebra print this is no different with bags choose to give your more simple outfit a bit of a fashion galore by adding one of these funkier pieces. Hayward mini Venetian brocade shopper is a perfect pop of colour.


4. Triangle bags are super in especially the very famous Balenciaga extra-small bag definitely elevates any outfit to a fashionista’s top pick


5. Finally do not hide your arc bags just yet, especially those that come in darker colours would make a great accessory for pairing your fall looks.

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