Top 5 tendencies of the new season


Fashion weeks are gone and it is high time to outline tendencies for spring-summer 2019, which you have to accept, understand and love already now. General insanity for the fashion of the past is not going down, but vice a versa is gaining its speed.
We have summed up and identified what to expect from the next spring and what you can buy already now.

1) Asia
Review the classics of Akira Kurosawa or Memoirs of a Geisha, dress up in a silk kimono or a coat with Asian prints, and no doubt you will win the title of the most fashionable girl next spring. Oriental motifs have captured the podiums, and we do not mind them at all!

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2) Bandana
The bandit bandana is experiencing a new birth: if you miss the nostalgic trend from the 1990s and you want to tie a bandana on the bag handle, ankle, head or neck, don’t be afraid to do that as this will be one of the best accessory trends of the next summer.

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3) Beige leather
Nothing odd and just on point — this will be one of the main trends of the next spring. You simply have to have beige leather in your wardrobe: in the form of a thin coat, trousers, leather shirt or even a dress.

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4) Cycle shorts
Anyone who didn’t manage to wear cycle shorts last summer can do this next season: during Fashion Weeks, everyone presented their ideas on this sportswear attribute, even Karl Lagerfeld could not resist the trend.
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5) Polka dot
There is always a room for polka dot in every girl’s heart. On the catwalks we have spotted absolutely different variations of it: they have both a classic black and white print (or white and black), and an absolutely crazy multi-colored one. Again we are going to have a fashionable chicken pox!
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