Tomas Maier Resort 2019


Tomas Maier’s brand is anchored in comfortable, everyday sportswear with a fashion attitude.
This year during the resort collection Maier took on a trendier approach which is a bit different for his usual style.

The collection had puffer jackets, tracksuits, windbreakers, logomania and, of course the feel for the Eighties. There are slogan tees and fanny packs in his new lineup as well as Maier’s signature palm-tree motif was done in an Eighties Los Angeles way. The designer said his inspiration for this season was from “New York’s early hip-hop scene and the Spike Lee movie She’s Gotta Have It”.
My favourite outfit was the white loose pants with a bright pink cashmere sweater, with the collar peeking through. What a casual yet fresh and polished look. My other favourite was the white jumper with horizontal coloured lines that screamed “ I am in Miami” to me. Under it was a brightly coloured pink shirt paired with a simple accordion style knee height skirt. The look was completed with a white panama- urban chic.
I loved this collection it was casual, yet chic and super down to earth. Tomas Maier is evolving with the times while keeping some of the simpler piece for the loyal customers like the tailored washed wool pants with the pull-on waist. They have the added benefit of looking a bit more polished but feeling comfortable and utilitarian like sweatpants.

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