Thom Brown Resort 2019


This season, the subject on his curriculum was a refresher in “the true meaning of American sportswear”—athleisure in its sloppy modern sense, no relation to streetwear, but a return to what originally made American fashion distinctive: luxuriously rendered clothes referencing tennis, golf, sailing, and so on.
It was a collection of two halves: city clothes (quite a few gray uniform variants, with piqué shirts grown into long underdresses) and preppy summer vacation wear. The specialness of the detail, in the form of tiny raw edges or extraordinarily-embroidered sequined beach motifs, rewards all study. I loved the mix of complete conservatism with the zest of eccentricity and individuality ( whether it would be colourful socks or funky shoes).
An outfit that stood out to me was the the orange striped pleated dress with the straight neckline, that was paired with fun orange socks and a double breasted long jacket. Which overall gave it a whimsically alluring yet sophisticated look.
Another look that I took note of was the grey skirt and cardigan set, the white stripes gave it a sporty chic vibe.

I like the idea of school uniforms revamped to fit more of an adult lifestyle. But because I do like to be comfortable while fashionable, it does feel a bit stiff to me ( throwbacks to being a kid and sitting in a classroom perhaps).
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I can appreciate what the designer was doing by creating very monochromatic looks but than spiced up and questioned this strict school like style with vibrant colours like; orange, green, yellow. Also loved all the quirky accessories from socks, to shoes to bags. To me it felt like the parts of the kid that are hard to contain coming through. Also loved the colour combinations
like the baby pink and blue combinations made it the outfits very fresh and gave it a childlike fun appeal.

“Is this the “IT” collection for me?” The answer is probably not.
“Does it make me question my choice of accessories, and think about adding fun colours into my current wardrobe?” — Yes absolutely.
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