Theory Resort 2019


Francesco Fucci is the new creative designer for Theory this year.Fucci produced a rack of seasonless essentials, pieces like a tailored coat, crisp no-nonsense shirting, and pantsuits in wrinkle-resistant travel wool that will look familiar to Theory customers, if perhaps more refined.

Of particular note: well draped dresses in silk cady, a crisp white cotton sailor’s pullover and a sturdy navy cotton aviator jacket lined in brown shearling, and an A-line skirt and snug zip-front jacket in crinkled leather. Fucci had an inventive idea of his own: an unlined blazer in charcoal gray the lightness of which rendered it more shirt than jacket.

One of my favourite pieces was the white loose blouse that resembled a jumper with a very cool asymmetric neckline. Paired with what appears to be a leather dark navy skirt.

The whole collection had a vibe of simplicity and elegance. It felt very utilitarian and for some reason I felt like I was transported to London. It was sophisticated, and yet very relaxed.

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