The most fashionable shoes for fall and winter 2019/20

Rough boots, extremely high platform and square toe shoes. Even better, if all would be at once.

Sneakers are gradually giving way to alternatives: heeled ankle boots, sandals and knee high boots. However, no rush in saying goodbye to ugly shoes- massive sneakers resembling climbing shoes are still on the trend list. Other most popular trends of the upcoming cold season are listed below.

Massive platform

The 70s rule catwalks, and that means that massive platform bursts into all trend lists.

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Square toe

This new season pay attention to minimalistic boots and square toe ankle boots.

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Now bows decorate not only elegant shoes and sandals, but also massive shoes. Sparing no effort, designers cover their shoes with small bows made of satin, leather and laces.

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Rough boots

This season, rough shoes are in all the most talked about brand collections — Versace, Prada, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta. We boldly wear them not only with things that are style related, but also with light dresses, which we combine with cozy large knittings, creating eclectic and comfortable outfits for the upcoming cold weather.

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There is no point talking about new season shoes seasonality: such a concept is increasingly becoming history. Same applies to color: white is now becoming an excellent solution for winter wardrobe.


Contrast inserts

Designers played enough with Frankenstein style dresses and coats and now moved on to experimenting with shoes: and, I must say, these attempts look more coherent and neat.

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