The best styling for curly hair in rainy weather

NVkVtpTp1WgWhat to do to look great even in heavy rain

Rainy weather can be enjoyable for some people, but for the majority it means a complete loss of control over their hair. Straight hair immediately loses volume, and curly hair seem to live its own life! But you can prevent that by simply and in advance choosing the optimal styling. Here you can find a few ways to look fascinating even on a day when your weather app screams of heavy rains.

How to survive a rainy day and still look great

- The main rule in rainy weather – never wash your hair before styling! Clean hair is lighter and more likely to become fluffy.

- Make the tips of your hair more docile, wash it in the morning, using a hair conditioner.

- Use dry shampoo at the hair roots.

— Instead of fixing curly hair with heavy wax, fix it with a waterproof gel.

Save the «negligence» for later

Your better option would be a smoother hairstyle, since the disarray styling in the rain becomes even more clumsy. Surprisingly, smoothed hair deals with strong moisture much better. Do not wash your hair in advance and especially forget about making a ponytail! By the end of the day, it will look as fluffy as possible. Use different styling products to give your hair extra weight and do not let it curl. I wou

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