9 main accessory trends for the fall-winter 2019 season

“Fur monster” bags, geometric shapes, huge chains, leather bags and all the most desired This Fashion Week season, which recently ended, was rich in textured accessory trends. Designers swing from one extreme to another — from tiny accessories that can’t fit even your lip balm to giant trunks, which can easily be folded in half….Читать далее


Fall-winter 2019/2020 trends

The Italian version of the upcoming season hits. New season’s main landmarks are 70s grunge and practical Italian minimalism of appropriate quality, of course. Not to get confused in rather disparate trends, here are the ten key fashion trends. Capes and ponchos There still are successful alternatives to classic double-breasted coats, dressing gowns and trench…Читать далее


The most fashionable shoes for fall and winter 2019/20

Rough boots, extremely high platform and square toe shoes. Even better, if all would be at once. Sneakers are gradually giving way to alternatives: heeled ankle boots, sandals and knee high boots. However, no rush in saying goodbye to ugly shoes- massive sneakers resembling climbing shoes are still on the trend list. Other most popular…Читать далее


Dress like «Gossip Girl»

Find some short checkered skirts, oxfords, golfs and woolen blazers The love for conservatism in the upcoming season seems to be going hand in hand with sexuality. And along with ultrashort dresses in the 1990s supermodels style, the preppy style is still at its peak of popularity. News about the restart of «Gossip Girl» —…Читать далее


Ginger suede ankle boots with a steady heel –this fall’s biggie

Straight from the 1970s — to all most fashionable girls wish lists in addition to culottes: ginger suede ankle boots with a steady heel promise to be the most desirable shoes in this offseason. There is nothing better than combining a pair of these with flared velvet trousers or thick wool, favorite straight jeans with…Читать далее


Что нужно и что не стоит носить в 2019

Сегодня расскажу, что стоит убрать, а что приобрести, чтобы быть самой стильной в 2019 — смело открывайте гардероб и действуйте. 1)ЖЕЛТЫЙ на БЕЖЕВЫЙ Настало время минималистичных решений. Да и бежевый будет более универсальным в любом гардеробе. Его легко сочетать со всеми оттенками и цветами. 2)ЛОГО на ТАЙ-ДАЙ Логомания уходит в прошлое, на смену пришла мода на некий  handmade. Вы…Читать далее



Check if you do any of them? 2-3 FAVOURITE BRIGHT COLORS Many girls buy clothes and accessories exclusively of the same colours, because they feel sure about them. But this way their outfits look the same. And others get the feeling that the girl always wears same outfit. Ok, good if those colours suit her….Читать далее