Most fashionable blouses

Silk, with scarf bows, cotton frills or striped – here you’ll find how to wear your favorite trousers and shorts It’s high time to put everything in places, so here are the five main trends for this season.  Patch pockets Despite their quite rough form they can be made of thin suede, silk or colored…Читать далее


Ski jackets — fashion or anti-trend?

We have many reasons to love winter. They are cozy scarves to hide from the cold, sweaters with big sleeves, and of course for warm ski-jackets that you can wear not only on the ski slope, but also in the city. «Sports» style has become synonymous with the word «fashionable». Therefore,in winter collections designers have…Читать далее


Anti-Trends fall 2018

1. Jeans: Skinny jeans do not fit most women they do not fit everyone and in my opinion mostly just fit tall girls with the perfect figure, so this trend will not be missed. Jeans with patchwork and rips are no longer in style either. 2. Pants with side stripes ( 90s style) are no…Читать далее