Summer wardrobe lifehacks: how to make old things look new

IMG_2843There are a lot of good things left of past seasons, but you don’t know how to use them? How to «update» the old — read below

Every year at the end of the season I have a ritual: I go to the dressing room, take out things for the spring-summer season from the top shelf and divide them into two parts. The first part – for throw away, and the second one — for life.

More and more things stay with me from season to season, are reborn and are used in new current trends.

For example, it happened with a knitted pleated skirt from the spring-summer collection of 2016. Back then, I wore it with flats, knitted top and a bag-bucket, and now I combine it with minimalistic low heel “spectators” and a white T-shirt. I supplement it all with a tiny handbag on a short handle. I am inspired by the images from the spring-summer Celine show and the outfits of Natasha Goldenberg.

Other things that may stay with you from year to year are jeans and a denim jacket, cotton sundresses and t-shirts. Yes, and things with a bright print can quite live for themselves without being tied to the season: even a bright skirt, which already became familiar in your Instagram last summer, can look very different if you change the overall image. Maybe a year ago you had long hair and put on a skirt with a simple T-shirt and sandals, and this summer you made a radical bob haircut, fell in love with short tops and high heels?

Once finished with examining the wardrobe, you can go shopping. In the middle of the season (that is, now) you will find discounts in most of the stores, which means there is still a chance to try something fashionable and bold. For example, bright, neon colors, which are the Kardashian sisters so fond of now. This is my favorite trend of this summer, and for those who are not very fond of neoprene, there are cotton dresses — mustard, orange … Turquoise and lavender patterns look great too.

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