Ski jackets — fashion or anti-trend?

We have many reasons to love winter. They are cozy scarves to hide from the cold, sweaters with big sleeves, and of course for warm ski-jackets that you can wear not only on the ski slope, but also in the city. «Sports» style has become synonymous with the word «fashionable». Therefore,in winter collections designers have presented a variety of winter sports outfits.
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Along with Moncler and Perfect Moment — the brands that have always done such jackets — other brands have found inspiration in winter. For example, Prada has not only resumed production of its Linea Rossa line, but also presented a new ski capsule, and Givenchy in its main collection has focused on jackets in which you can walk in the city and ride the slopes. I have collected the coolest options for those one who are about to open the ski season or just to warm themselves in the cold.

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