Ralph Lauren runway



_AG30151Ralph Lauren took us to the tropics the iconic American designer’s latest collection is inspired by his home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. From the tranquil color palette to the airy fabrics, Lauren didn’t fail in showing us the magic of Montego Bay.

The rippling blue waters were represented on all the dresses and the decor of the show. The models were barefoot and dressed in sun-bleached batik and woodblock-print summer dresses, which helped further create an atmosphere of a holiday. My favourite piece was a white pants with a red stripe on the side with a white bike vinyl jacket with an aztec red pattern. Very cool and modern!

Further the designer choose to include some more traditional yacht club aesthetic. There were Bermuda shorts and double-breasted navy blazers. The prints were those that could be seen somewhere near the glamorous French Riviera. The collection seemed to have a focus on vacation and weekend wear, however there were a few pieces for the black-tie engagements. There were some solid coloured long evening gowns in blue, white and yellow that would be breath taking at a black tie event somewhere on a holiday. The inspiration came from yacht sails with a combination of sport-chique, but the silhouette was so feminine.



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