Today it’s time to talk about what prints will be at the peak of relevance in 2019 and how they are recommended to be worn.


1061179_ou_pp 1048261_ou_pp

It’s time to get polka dot dresses, because this print will be one of the leaders of the next year. Large and small dots, an incredible combination of colours — everything will be appropriate, everything can and should be worn.


1060771_ou_pp 1081087_ou_pp

Absolutely new — prints with small and large portraits. But this trend is more for elegant outlooks and special occasions or playful sweatshirts.


1080060_ou_pp 1068530_ou_pp

This trend moves with us from the autumn of 2018, when literally all collections were with cheetahs, snakes and zebras.

In the new year, this print is not suggested to be worn that actively, limited to wearing it only on a belt or on an inner side of a bag. Moderation is the best friend of animalism in 2019.


1039337_ou_pp 1009761_ou_pp

The actual print will be with realistic-defined colours — milfler. It is very important that the silhouettes of flowers are as close as possible to reality. And you need to wear it without any additional jewelry, because clothes with such a print are already elegant.

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