Prada ranway


First thing that came to mind was unexpected (for Prada), second fluorescent- but a cool concept overall!

In my opinion designer’s choice in combining starkly florescent colours with the darkness of the room was exquisite, made the outfits really pop. Miuccia Prada herself said that the inspiration was «the night and women who are brave enough to go out”, In terms of fit I would say they were more on the boxier sides (especially for Prada’s normally sleek silhouettes) as the fabrics used were mostly wool and nylon.
_MON0756 _MON0362 _MON0200 _MON0144

The outfits felt completely modern and fresh; totally up my alley. Most of the outfits were more utilitarian and slightly eerie, the bottoms consistent of black nylon socks with ruches of plastic ‘tulle’ round the ankles. The collection had a few very feminine pieces such as, a colour blocked dresses with a natural waist line.

_MON0608 _MON0556 _MON0082 _ARC0051 _ARC0023

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