Philipp Plein runway

This designer has an eye for presentation!! WOW!! In the beginning of the show Dita Von Teese performed a burlesque. She was slinging off her disco-ball Louboutins before swirling around in a yet further crystallized martini glass prop.

Plein collection is both for men and women and had a lot of tee’s with logo’s “Good Gone Bad.” His recurrent logo was a ball-gagged and bonded Alice in Wonderland character.

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There was a long-sleeved black satin and dark colours. I would say it has a gothic-punk vibe with a touch of rock-n-roll, basically you have to watch the show to know what I am talking about. There was also a tiered-and-pleated white gown that was over-styled with leather straps, but it’ll look good on its own. And there was even a full brocade ball skirt. Edgy and Cool! Short cropped tees and sequinned anorak jumpsuits had a fun school uniform type of charm.

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For men, the standout pieces were jackets—including an alligator Moto that. There was a lot of high-top sneakers, acid-washed jeans. All very sex appealing and manly.

Overall very unique cool show, with an edgy undertone.

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