Neon jacket — the main purchase of winter


This season the neon-coloured clothes have come back to us from the eighties. The main trendsetter, who gave us almost luminous acid shades of red, yellow, purple, pink, is Miuccia Prada. I advise you to take a look at this trend and go for a neon jacket that will make you not only the most fashionable, but also very noticeable.b80be756347892c51b18c6a87a2ab05b

If you still don’t understand how to fit neon into your wardrobe, then I have got some great news for you: the advantage of the neon jacket is that due to its originality it can be combined with almost anything. For simple combinations, choose minimalistic and even restrained clothes to create a contrast, but not overload the whole look. Choose achromic colours or denim, in this case, you won’t make a mistake. Therefore, boldly combine such outerwear with a grey trouser suit or a white T-shirt.
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