Moschino Resort 2019


Creative director “I see my role in fashion as bringing the fun,” said creative director Jeremy Scott. That was exactly what he did. The show took place at the  Los Angeles Equestrian Center the decorations were that of a circus. You guys know how much I love shows that are a theatrical spectacle, it just adds so much fun flare to the whole event. Of course fashion and the outfits are important, but it’s so amazing to see the designers creative vision in all the small thought out details of the whole event.

This runway show had almost everything one can imagine that is even closely relevant to a circus vibe;  animal-printed suits and mini dresses embellished with sequins, flower-power bell-bottoms, classic tuxedo suiting (accessorized with mini top hats and canes). 


There were some outfits in the line-up that were literally circus costumes: the strong man leotard (in leopard print, natch), the oversize clown pants with ultrahigh suspenders, colorful hoop skirts, color-blocked capes and spangly trapeze artist suits. A metallic harlequin print made for some chic and slinky disco dresses and a slim suit. The newer version here was a sculpted ruffled mesh party dress and a teal leotard dotted with life-sized artificial doves. 


My favourite look was the pink chiffon bias-cut gown, that  was embellished with embroidered can-can-themed appliqués. It had some ruffling around the decoilete  that made it super feminine. While at the same time mixing roses and dark drawings gives it a good girl meets bad vibe- loved that! Worn with a white bralette and shorts under this could be a very chic cool outfit for daily summer wear.


Another cool set I liked were the very fun striped pants and a tied top. Very 1960’s and 70s fun and unencumbered vibe. With the right accessories, especially for a party I feel like it’s possible to pull of this look today.


This show was in true Moschino style, the over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek spectacle made perfect sense in the carefully created setting. Everything seemed to perfectly fit together;  the accessories, outfits, makeup and the setting.



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