The collection was simple but very stunning a lot of total looks in animal print, slick black leather, English tweed, checks, and blanket materials. There were overcoats, floor-sweeping kilts, and pencil skirts worn over narrow trousers or stirrup pants.

Many of the looks were styled with pencil skirts, some slung with leather suspenders, skinny black pants. Max Mara paired up with François Berthoud in order to create awesome T-shirts and sweatshirts. The outerwear was powerful and beautiful. There was a wide variety of options for every kind of occasion and style. Leopard printed trench coats, sequined wool blazers, simple leather jackets, and fuzzy teddy bear jackets. I feel like any woman will be able to find something she likes from this collection!

Classy, on-trend and simple what a great collection!


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