Makeup Trends 2018 — Minimalism With A Dash Of Colour


1.Less is More
Bare skin is in ladies! That’s especially great for the summer season as we wont have our makeup melting away in the heat and let our skin breath for a bit! Switching your heavy foundations into tinted moisturizers is a great place to start. Also do not forget to wear SPF , we do not want sun damage and aging to start sooner than it should.


2. Glow
Korean beauty experts know what they are doing after all. This season leave your matte and powder finishes at home opting for more glow dewy look. Getting good regimen as your skin care routine will help with both trend one and two here. However highlighters, and tinted moisturizers that have a it more reflective particles can also help!


3. Pop of Colour
Since one of the biggest trends this year are bright colours this is no different with makeup. Think pastel neutrals for this season. A dash of orange on the eyelid and peachy lip gloss would be a great start.


4.Lip Gloss
This year the trend of lip gloss is back. Shiny lips gives all women a more youthful look so why not ladies right? Wearing lip gloss also complements well the glow trend, natural youthful and glowy.

5. Brows
The brow look of this season is clearly natural minimalism. Most of the shows this season had the brows just brushed up vertically. So get yourself a quality clear brow mascara that keeps your hairs in check and you will be good for this season.


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