Loewe 2019 Ready-To-Wear


If I had to describe this collection in three words it would be: bohemian, grown-up and refined. This collection was the embodiment of reserved individuality and how a designer can take something super individualistic and apply it into the real world. For me personally dressing bohemian on daily basis simply would not work with my lifestyle. However this masterfully entertwined simplicity and luxurious comfort, I can totally see myself wearing.

There were a lot of fit-and-flare silhouettes, caftans, and woven and knitted textures. There were also pantsuits and stunning dresses. One that really stood out to me was a delicately crumpled pink nightie edged in lace flowers, very beautiful and feminine.

The bags this season were mostly made out of fringed leather, crocheted raffia and canvas. It had an air of refined classiness that was presented as casual as can be.

Stunning collection!
LoeweSS19 1538147659_658847_1538148406_noticia_normal

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