Isabel Marant Resort 2019

Let me start off by saying I am in awe. This collection is so effortlessly chic, high-end comfortable luxury at its finest. To me, I could only describe the experience as finding your favorite cashmere sweater and cuddling in it, while simultaneously eating a fresh croissant and drinking your favorite americano( who would have thought I am going to talk about fashion here..)

The pieces individually were quite simple but the way they were paired gave it a vintage, posh vibe that is so deliciously appealing, it invigorates your senses. Puffed sleeved black jumper paired with black high waisted trousers with white stitching and a belt- yes it’s simple but it is so comfortably chic. Another outfit I loved was the forest green chunky knit worn over a striped button-down paired with blue loose fitted jeans- that is just comfort in a bottle for me. One more piece I cannot go without mentioning is the pink velvet suit worn over a simple red cashmere sweater paired with washed out jeans-the aesthetic on this makes me drool.

The designer said it best: “These looks are all easy to put on and they (will) bring you pleasure” and I completely agree.

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