How to make the summer look more interesting: 5 simple ideas

Today I want to discuss with you a few simple tricks that will help make the summer images more interesting. There will be 5 of them.

Trick #1

A handkerchief tied to a bag

A scarf on the handle or belt is the easiest way to add a bright visual accent to your look. At the same time, you can go out of limits in colors — this accessory will be far from your face, so you don’t have to think whether the color suits you or not.
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Trick #2

Glasses «make» the image

It doesn’t matter if it’s the sunglasses or diopter glasses, that you are wearing. The relevance of the frame — this is what will make your image catchy and stylish. Classy glasses are able to «get some style» even to a set of jeans and a white T-shirt – not mentioning some more interesting combinations.
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Trick #3


A very convenient accessory. When it’s hot outside, it is more comfy to collect your hair so that it doesn’t heat the back of your neck. For that, you can use silk or knitted scarves. The latter are more elastic, but silk looks more elegant.
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Trick #4


A hat turns any outfit into a stylish look. Take off your hat — and the photo will capture only unremarkable clothes. The most important thing in all this is to succeed in finding the hat that’s right for you.
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Trick #5

Some animal colors

Animal print in small doses works well in any summer wardrobe. Let it be the shoes, a bag or, again, a silk scarf.


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