how to choose STYLISH WATCHES

Stylish watch is an essential accessory of all times. They should be fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. Miniature models with a thin strap look great on a thin and elegant wrist. For a wide one choose a watch with a large dial and a medium-sized strap.


NATURAL LEATHER. Choose natural skin tones. Ideal for business ladies.

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HOW TO CHOOSE: A stitched strap around its perimeter with finished edges will last longer. Gently pull the skin — it should be soft and elastic, should fit the wrist, but shouldn’t stretch.

CAOUTCHOUC / RUBBER STRAPS. Often this is a unisex model with round dials and wide sides. High-quality caoutchouc is expensive and serves more than 10 years.⠀
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Rubber straps are much cheaper, but with time they turn yellow and lose elasticity. New straps need to be worn out, so that with the body heat they gain elasticity and sit on the wrist.⠀

HOW TO CHOOSE: The rubber should be soft and sit tight on the arm immediately.⠀

METAL / CERAMICS. Suitable for elegant and business style outlooks. The design of the dial can vary. Usually the models are square or rectangular. They serve for a long time and don’t get deformed. Not recommended for someone who “work with their hands” as they can damage the bracelet.
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HOW TO CHOOSE: The bracelet should sit tight against your wrist. It is acceptable when one finger passes between the bracelet and the wrist and the watch does not roll down below the carpal bone.

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