Gucci Cruise 2019


WOW! Alessandro Michele definitely has an eye for the theatrics! The audience was definitely transported in the realms of time. The designer choose the Alyscamps, a Roman necropolis in the southern French city of Arles to show this resort collection. He took full advantage of the area’s epic history with a theatrical nighttime display that spanned through different time and space. Rows of church candles bathed the open-air space in a Gothic way creating the perfect ambience for this vintage inspired collection.
Michele sent out a dizzying 114 looks for women and men, mixing brand signatures — think plaid skirts, floral silk prints and tiger patterns.
Shrouded in velvet dresses and richly embroidered capes. There was everything from a black moire cape to a black fur coat with leg-of-mutton sleeves. The rich history of the Alyscamps can also be found in the intricate embroideries of this collection, from the city’s former names to the verse by Italian poet Dante Alighieri.
Fast-forward through time, and buckled bondage pants nodded to an Eighties-era Billy Idol. A sleeveless denim jacket was covered in sequined patches, while a flapper-style fringed dress was paired with fluorescent platform shoes.
Look 76 caught my eye, you guys know I love green. This gorgeous vibrant green colour (believe Pantone’s “Treetop”) caught my eye, the dress has a vintage vibe with the belt and the shoes I feel like it gives the outfit a more modern touch. For everyday wear I would probably drop the fur coat and go with something more minimalistic, but the white glasses freshen up the outfit in my opinion, so I would call this outfit modern vintage.

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One of my favourite outfits was look 111( trying to be specific with the number of the look as with this many outfits it’s not an easy task). I liked the pairing of denim green loose fitting button up with the floral boho style vintage skirt. The sleeveless jacket on top gave it an oddly feminine touch with all the flower embroidery. The Gucci belt accentuates the waist, and of course the hat just brought a whole new meaning to the skirt and tied the whole look together. Loved how thought out this look was, the colour scheme and patterning also was not too crazy.
All in all, the show was an extravaganza of patterns, fits , colours, time periods. It definitely took my breath away with everything that was presented and the whole spectacle of it all. When it comes to my overall impression about this show, I feel like it is a bit more difficult to take whole looks and apply it to daily wear. For me personally I like to dress in bold colours, with little patterning and focus on the difference in shapes and colours rather than intricate patterning and mixing of prints( that in my opinion are loud enough on their own). Hence for me this collection fell a bit short- too much vintage and too little modern simplicity. However, picking and choosing what to wear from each outfit can be a good start to incorporating the collection into your daily wear.
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