Georges Hobeika runway


Georges Hobeika Spring/Summer 2018- «Each outfit was a masterpiece in its own right»

This was one of the most gorgeous shows I have ever attended. It took the breath out of me!! The concept was very unique the inspiration was drawn from ancient Greece. It could be seen that the designer wanted to honour the tradition and richness of the Greek culture that he tributes in every detail.

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Beautiful and intricate detailing- the sparkle and the colour choices made the outfits appear worthy of any greek Goddess. Luxurious fabrics, sleek and voluptuous silhouettes, colours and tones that bring to mind thoughts of ancient ceramics, bronze, and marble. Hobeika channels mythological beauty with angel wing motifs and goddess-worthy wreaths made from laser-cut leather. The evocation of these mythical scenes are further enforced with striking earrings, diadems, gilded bracelets and more. See through silk gowns highlighting the beauty of female form, and beautiful crystal detailing around the silhouette in order to tighten the female form into that of a Goddess. Another big detail was the cape that was attached to the off the shoulder gowns added an air of elegance.

IMG_4844 IMG_4807 IMG_4792 IMG_4773 IMG_4768 IMG_4752 IMG_4731 IMG_4734

The entire collection transcended this realm and in my opinion showed what true femininity represents; unholstered freedom of creation and female forms with just the right amount of edge and softness.

Thank you so much to @Stationservice for inviting me to this masterfully created masterpiece of a show!


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