Fendi runway

I loved this show!

Venturi Fendi described this collection “a romantic uniform for a strong and powerful woman of today” and I completely agree, sleek modern beautiful and feminine all at the same time. As Vogue put it this collection was a «’40s, ’80s, a touch of film noir, a pinch of sci-fi.” Yes so crisp lined and gorgeous, cant expect anything else when Karl Lagerfiel collaborates with Venturi Fendi.

I could imagine myself wearing every single look from this collection. My favourite was the first look the checkered vinyl jacket in beige, that managed to look both fierce and super feminine, my second favourite was an off the shoulder beige dress with a scarf and a belt as an accessory, so feminine!
KIM_0025 KIM_0135 KIM_0289

For Karl Lagerfield the cut and silhouette is very important. So he incorporated a strong shoulder, strong, square but highly manageable, anchored impeccably cut natural-waist dresses and skirt suits, many flaunting collar embroideries and a demonstrative “butterfly lapel.” One beauty: a belted, double-breasted jacket over pleated peplum and straight skirt so unique and cool, would give any outfit an instantaneous high fashion look.


KIM_0423 KIM_0359 _ARC0339 _ARC0295

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