Fendi Fall 2018 Couture


It seemed that this year’s collection emphasis was on thinking differently and reinventing the old.

With the current fashion trend of not using real fur Fendi has dropped the fourrure moniker this season in favor of couture. There were a lot of non fur pieces that were coloured in bright prints. For sure one way to make a statement!

And a shaved mink inlaid with shearling spirals and boasting a fox shawl collar was indeed truly exceptional. I found the dresses in this collection particularly stunning.
KIM_0155 KIM_0673 KIM_0645 KIM_0483

A lot of outfits had feather detailing. The marabou feather frock in ballerina pink with a caged waist took my breath away.

Another two dresses that caught my eye was the tulle see-through gown with embroidery around the front of the dress and of course the collar. The pink sequined jumpsuit underneath in light pink colour made the whole outfit appear ethereal. Similarly designed was the purple sheer dress, with petal like skirt detailing that looked just as elegant. The delicate crochet and fine lace looked very light and breezy. One of the reasons these two dresses stood out to me was probably because unlike the rest of the collection the focus was on making intricate look flawlessly simple.

This collection highlighted two major aspects for me. First that Fendi is a true master of intricate detailing. Secound a bit more utilitarian but the simple fact that big fashion houses have to evolve with the tastes of the consumers, couture or not, and in this case it was moving away from using real fur.

KIM_0319 KIM_0279 KIM_0107 KIM_0225 KIM_0059

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