Fall-winter 2019/2020 trends

The Italian version of the upcoming season hits.

New season’s main landmarks are 70s grunge and practical Italian minimalism of appropriate quality, of course. Not to get confused in rather disparate trends, here are the ten key fashion trends.

Capes and ponchos

There still are successful alternatives to classic double-breasted coats, dressing gowns and trench coats — for example, ponchos and capes, a huge palette of which the designers presented both a year ago and now.

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One of the most iconic cultural fashion codes has a habit to regularly coming back, each time acquiring new meanings. This new season is no exception.
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Jumper and Shirt

Designers offer us to look back at our school pictures archive and recall our school uniform. Screw negligence and licentiousness! It’s time to button up your shirt!
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Polka Dot

The polka dot role is now played not only by all familiar geometric shapes, but also by hearts or shining stones and crystals. Let the print seem to be dotted only from afar.

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If last season’s large massive decorated chains mainly appeared on bags, this season they will replace also belts and jewelry.
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Rough boots

Heavy tractor-soled shoes appear on the catwalks so often, that it seems that they did not leave the trend list. And in fact — they never did.
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The most popular color palette for autumn and winter. Try combining nude shades with rich purple, wine and emerald — for example, complementing the beige ensemble with a contrasting clutch, shoes or outwear.
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Lush bows appeared in summer and spring season, and in winter and fall they will become a nice addition for even the most boring wardrobe. Most common option here — on the shirt or blouse collar.
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Brutal and even deliberately aggressive leather became an unconditional hit of the last season, capturing the spring-summer trends and not tending to stop.

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