Etro Spring 2019 Ready-To-Wear


The collection started off with simple all-white outfits, and it builds in complexity as the show continued.

One of my favorite outfits was the silk blouse and pants set, worn with an embroidered gilet. Everything about that outfit was so clean, crisp and stunning.

The embroidery and complexity of each outfit were out of this world, the use of different fabrics like silk and velvet, the mixing of different patterns and the fit of each garment came together to make a very complex yet simple collection. For me, it seemed like if you wanted an unforgettable wardrobe to go somewhere beautiful like Morocco this collection would be a one-stop shop.

I found this collection complex but stunning. I loved the ethnic motives and the embroidery.

Etro_spring_summer_2019_collection_Milan_Fashion_Week2 Etro_spring_summer_2019_collection_Milan_Fashion_Week1

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