Dress like «Gossip Girl»

Find some short checkered skirts, oxfords, golfs and woolen blazers
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The love for conservatism in the upcoming season seems to be going hand in hand with sexuality. And along with ultrashort dresses in the 1990s supermodels style, the preppy style is still at its peak of popularity.

News about the restart of «Gossip Girl» — cult series about golden youth, could not have come at a better time. My advice is not to drag on and learn to dress like a fashionable schoolgirl right now!

Celine, Loewe and Christian Dior fall-winter shows will definitely spur you on.

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Immerse yourself in the world of checkered skirts, prickly woolen vests and large accessories that can fit textbooks. Only now, when you no longer have to choose school uniform with your mom, turn to Serena and Blair from the series. For your convenience, we present three school outfits that are perfect even for those who already have difficulty remembering the multiplication table and trails.

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