Dolce and Gabbana runway

Italy Fashion Dolce And Gabbana

At the beginning of the show drones transported bags from the new collection down the runway, never seen anything so unique! The designers called this their Fashion Devotion collection, a lot of inspiration was taken from Catholic Church. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana identify as Italian Catholics and they obviously feel strongly about fashion; hence the fusion of these two things is not all that weird. The designers clearly paid a lot of attention to detail in each outfit. The collection had everything; sacred hearts, brocade embroideries, plush velvet and prints of religious iconography.

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There was a lot of beautiful, tailored, sophisticated trouser suits and coats. However there were also some stuff that could be considered less classy such as; logos and religious images. One of the looks I liked was a silky red trouser suit with a royal detailing. I also liked the pink tailored suit with blue flower detailing; very elegant and feminine! The embellishment on the collar of the blazer, and the interesting buttoning really gives it a whole new feel.

Overall the outfits were sparkly, velvety with a lot of accessories true Dolce style!

kim_3578_jpg_1547_north_1382x_black kim_3516_jpg_3566_north_1382x_black kim_3318_jpg_9836_north_1382x_black kim_3290_jpg_993_north_1382x_black

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