Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2018


This year’s vision was to present a collection that was discreetly chic. The pieces were sculpted and pleated and constructed (mostly sans corsets) in such a way that they could literally never exist in prêt-à-porter . . . or at least with any notion of proper fit. The palette was blush, navy, celery, rose, tea, and every interpretation of nude one might imagine.

The idea behind this collection was that “couture is about something hidden,” as the designer mentioned in an interview.

My favorite was the gorgeous low cut dark blue silk strappy dress. Timeless femininity at its finest! Another show-stopper for me was the emerald green silk dress. Both dresses are the definition of Dior for me.

The pink pastel suit was also worth the mention. The jacket had trumped-shaped sleeves, a very cool modern twist on the classic.

The collection was exactly as the designer envisioned, discreetly chic.

_DIO0603 _DIO0491 _DIO0339 _DIO0195 _DIO0119 _DIO0043 _DIO0303

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