Christian Dior Cruise 2019

Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to bring a dash of Latin American showmanship to the royal stables of the Domaine de Chantilly the show itself took place in the historic Chantilly Castle’s stables. The show has kicked off with a team of female Mexican rodeo riders. Even the rainstorm that occured unexpectedly could not ruin the noble and refined collection.
The fearlessness of horseback riding taps right into Chiuri’s love for strong women, a running thread in all her collections since she took over as creative director for women’s wear in 2016.
There are dresses of cotton lace embroidered with yet more lace, tiny wooden beads, and tulle frills. The most stunning frocks are made of laces the color of tea-stained tablecloths, and one has a skirt seemingly without a seam. And there is a white lace dress made of possibly four laces, long-sleeved and high-neck. Polka dots and pleats, both signatures of the house of Dior, are elegant reminders of the haute couture pedigree. Toile de Jouy figures prominently in many of the looks: as a print, a jacquard, appliqué, embroidery, abstracted or painted on cotton, satin, silk, lace.

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For all the bag lovers- there were also variations on the Saddle bag, the Aughts “It” bag that has become a vintage bestseller in recent years, and was unveiled in its modernized version as part of Dior’s fall collection shown in February.
My favourite were the white lacy dresses that are so feminine and refine and are absolutely awesome for this time of year. The gorgeous embroidery on them elevates them to an unparalleled level of sophistication. The thick black leather belt adds a touch of contrast, to me it felt masculine yet visually it narrows the waist and makes the whole outfit even more feminine(gives the I am not trying too hard vibe), love that!
If you guys know me you know I do not shy away from sheer fabrics, especially tulle skirts if you remember my trip to New York in May of last year, I wore a sheer white tulle skirt with a black YSL masculine tailored suit. So of course when I saw during this Dior’s show tulle skirts and tailored masculine suits I was all in! I love mixing masculine and feminine styles to create an overall chic look!

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