Chanel Haute Couture Fall/ Winter 2018


When Karl Lagerfeld was asked to introduce the collection he said:“It is very Paris, it is very French”. The collection was shown at the Grand Palace and the setting was a stretch of stone wall and sidewalk along the Quai de Conti, the imposing dome of the Institut de France in the distance.

The collection felt like the classic Chanel was given a revamp. The Chanel suit was refreshed with the addition of crystal-bordered zippers down the length of sleeves and skirts. Another alteration was the sidecut on some of the skirts, a flash of leg visible only from the side view. The colors were beautiful from feisty pastels to iridescent, almost neutral blues.

One of my favorite looks was the black silk dress with a cowl neck, the skirt was see-through with shorts peeking through it. Beautiful crystal-bordered zippers were stitched down the length of sleeves and skirts.

Another very understated but completely detail oriented look I loved was the pink silk dress and on top of it a green short textured zip up, also with zippers running the length of the jacket.

Wonderful collection!

Chanel6_Fotor_Collage Chanel4_Fotor_Collage Chanel3_Fotor_Collage Chanel_11_Fotor_Collage Chanel_10_Fotor_Collage

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