Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Resort 2019


Calvin Klein, Raf Simons has put the label’s stamp, 205W39NYC, on most of the collection, he is now adding the stamp of Yale and Berkeley. The universities’ logos turned up on sweatshirts and oversize varsity jackets, their crests were also embroidered on the breast pockets of collegiate stripe blazers.

I honestly love the color-blocking style I think it’s so visually intriguing and is very artistic. The purple skirt paired with a blue turtleneck and black jumper looked very stylish and high end. Most of the emphasis was on the color the fit and silhouette of the pieces were very simple.

3-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr 8-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr 10-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr

Another very conceptually cool outfit was the pleated pink and red skirt paired with a navy blue strong-shoulder suit jacket. The cut of the suit jacket was cut at the waist, this added more length to the legs. The outfit again may seem simple, but it was still so effortlessly chic due to the addition of the skirt and heels. Making very simple pieces look high fashion through the correct pairing of each piece, is the goal of any stylist, and Calvin Klein showed how to do that super well.

I am a big advocate for using bold colors in outfits, hence although I found this collection perhaps a bit loud visually with the logos and the bright colors, I adored it anyway!

16-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr 17-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr 51-Calvin-Klein-Vogue-Resort-2019-pr

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