Anti-Trends fall 2018

1. Jeans: Skinny jeans do not fit most women they do not fit everyone and in my opinion mostly just fit tall girls with the perfect figure, so this trend will not be missed. Jeans with patchwork and rips are no longer in style either.


2. Pants with side stripes ( 90s style) are no longer in, they have been replaced by the 80s style of fringe and studs everything to do with Western style. Sport-chic is still in style but is now making way to the 80s style.

3. In terms of outerwear, all coats and jackets that falls above the knee and slightly below the knee are a big anti-trend. When you are choosing your outwear this season opts for pieces that are either really short or are very long (hits the ankle).

4. Caps are no longer on trend.


5. Skinny boots that go above the knee is an anti-trend, but personally, this is a trend I love so I may still utilize it this fall I think it looks very feminine and an easy pairing with dresses and shorts.

6. Real fur jackets are an anti-trend this season.

7. The overuse of logos is an anti-trend.

8. Velvet is no longer on trend.

9. Lace peaking out of the outerwear is an anti-trend.


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