Annakiki Spring/Summer 2019


The mix of colors in this show was out of this world very eye-catching. Pairing lime green with black, brown with sky blue, there were also outfits that were completely done in prime colors like red, white, black, yellow pink and brown. No one can say that this collection was boring!

The shapes of the pieces also really stood out to me bell-shaped shoulders, asymmetrical details, ruffles combined with silk fabrics and wools. There were a lot of hybrid garments that were seamlessly taken from various styles. Romantic mixed with urban (tulle skirts and hoodies).Fur/raincoat covered in PVC, suits with shaped sleeves and reversible trench coats in a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. The designer also had no clear preference in fabrics I saw silk, wool, faux fur, cotton, denim, satin, knits, PVC, tulle, velvet and chiffon being used in this collection.

This collection had anything and everything it felt very urban with a weird twist of feeling like an artist’s work in progress. It was slightly weird, but I loved the creativity of the designer!

annakiki-rtw-spring-2019-milan-fashion-week-ffw-034 annakiki-rtw-spring-2019-milan-fashion-week-ffw-007

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