9 main accessory trends for the fall-winter 2019 season

“Fur monster” bags, geometric shapes, huge chains, leather bags and all the most desired

This Fashion Week season, which recently ended, was rich in textured accessory trends.

Designers swing from one extreme to another — from tiny accessories that can’t fit even your lip balm to giant trunks, which can easily be folded in half. And not without freak trends: this Fashion Week was rich with brightly dyed fur, that evoke associations with children’s comics.

Taking about decor trends- chains of all kinds became the main bags decoration. Your bag’s handle can be made of metal weaves, but it is even better if the size of this chain does not correspond to the sizes of the accessory itself. For geometry and sharp corners lovers, many brands appeared in the form of parallelepipeds and accordions. You are unlikely to play on the latter, but you will definitely succeed in attracting attention.

Under the armpit
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Coin purse

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Soft geometric shapes
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Chains and metal

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Two at the same time

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Leather package-bag

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Bags from the «Monster Corporation»
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Big puffy clutches
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