-Writing this post to reiterate to not only you guys but to myself the key things I should not forget to do this summer. We all need a bit of reminding once in awhile.

Nothing new here guys if we want an awesome body it’s good to keep it moving. My personal favourite this time of year is to do aerobics and yoga to tone my body. But I am also a big believer in just opting for active things ( example: on a vacation I would prefer to surf, or to scuba dive vs lay all day on the beach). If you feel like you need motivation for this I find the apple watch/ fitbit are great ways to ensure you keep it moving. Also following some people you aspire to also works great to keep you up and going.


We all love sun especially here in Moscow we do not get much of it so of course tanning and simply enjoying laying on a sun is in our DNA. However being careful of the sun is- oh so important. Sun can cause discoloration as well as premature aging. I as you know like to opt for shade on vacation and ensure to use highest SPF that is also light in consistency. I love the La MER spf. If you are in for a more budget friendly option I love the consistency of Elta MD and La Roche Posay sunscreens.


Of course having beautiful hair is a huge must especially for the summer season, but we also want to enjoy ourselves in the water while snapping some pics. So I like to use hair masks as well as leave-in conditioners in order to nourish my hair. One of the best masks I tried for my hair was the Oribe Hair Care mask; it is very hydrating, leaves your locks silky smooth while smelling amazing. In terms of leave-in conditioner I like the It’s a 10 Leave-In Product and one of its major perks is that its very budget friendly.


4. Skin
One of the most important aspects to keep in mind for your skin in the summer is it needs extra hydration! I believe you cannot over hydrate your skin in the summer, hence this is definitely the season for sheet masks. Sephora has a lot of good options DR.JART Hydra Solution, LAINEGE Water bank are two of my favourites. I also love cucumber masks by Peter Thomas Roth and the Rose Mask by Fresh.

5.Diet/ Water
Lastly one of the most important things to do this summer is to drink a lot of water. Not reinventing the wheel here, but it is one of my top tips if you were to take only one things from this article is drink a lot of water and you will see a difference in you skin health, your energy levels, and your endurance for exercise. Another favourite of mine especially during the summer is eating a lot of fruits one of my personal favourites is a watermelon. It’s a great way to detoxify while boosting your energy levels with all the naturally occuring sugars. It also makes me feel full for longer, so it really is a win- win!


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