Do you know women who would be 100% satisfied with their figure? We don’t..

But once you dress up a girl the right way all imperfections of the figure become invisible!

I suggest starting with small first — to choose the right accessories for your build.


Do not cover yourself with a scarf completely — just wrap it over your neck, leaving uneven ends hanging. The scarf will refresh you, it will remove attention from  plump tummy and will «break» the massiveness of the upper part with verticals.
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Discard bags of the same colour as your outerwear — this will add extra volume. Choose hard shape models and wear the accessory in your hand so that it does not add volume to your belly or hips.

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A belt of 3-4 cm on the line of high waist will suit someone of a plump build. It must emphasize the thinnest part of the figure and create draperies.
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