1 Dress — 3 Looks

In order to avaoid the solemn outfit to dust in your wardrobe after the first nightout, I haste to share simple tricks on how to give a second life or a completely new sound to your clothing.

For the basics we take a dress of a dressing gown type or a swing dress with buttons and start experimenting.




A dress with an expressive print will help you to look interesting and bright; you just need to complement it bright accessories in a suitable style. Please note that if you go for a dress with a print, the accessories should be monotonous and matching in colour.



Use a swing dress as a second layer, it will perfectly go well with basic jeans and a jumper, and the print will make this kit brighter. Note that this model of the dress will add vertical lines and visually “pull out” the silhouette.

Complete the outfit with stylish accessories and warm outerwear.



Romantic look is meant to be tender and light. Dim the brightness of the print with a soft sweater. Discard the textile belt and emphasize the waist with a leather belt.

Do not forget to take into account the type of your figure when choosing this accessory. For the “Rhombus” and “Rectangle” figure types belts of a medium width will be the best fit.

Earrings-rings will help to emphasize outfit and heeled shoes will add some elegance.

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